Wholesale Distributor of Jindal Sabrang Roofing Sheet

The latest product from Bhagwati Steel Fab, Jindal Sabrang, is an effort to inject some color into the dull, boring world of steel. A rainbow of colors is what the Sanskrit term sabbrang signifies. In addition to coloring steel to make it more appealing, Jindal Sabrang will also extend the life of the structure by functioning as an additional layer of corrosion resistance over steel’s zinc/alu-zinc coating. Zinc/Alu Zinc coated steel sheet is first given a chemical treatment to clear the surface of all impurities prior to colour coating.

Later, the Bhagwati steel fab is applied to the surface to improve the surface quality and get it ready for the subsequent procedure. After the chromate coating, the sheet is covered with primer, which serves as a link between the steel surface and the final color and also aids in the steel surface’s uniform covering. The primer is cooked by passing the sheet coated with primer through an oven. The final color is painted on top and bottom of the primer-coated surface with a finish coater. The Jindal Sabrang Roofing Sheet is once more placed inside of an oven and roasted at a temperature of at least 200 degrees. Compared to ordinary coated steel, the color coated steel created using this two coat bake technology has a substantially longer lifespan.

Our successful business operations enable us to offer Jindal Colour Coated Roofing Sheet. The entire roof or cladding of this sheet has a high-quality colour finish. Additionally, we provide this Jindal Colour Coated Roofing Sheet in a selection of colours and sizes for the convenience of our valued customers. Enamel is included with the sheet we are offering and is utilised internally.

Product details:- 


Back Coat 5 micron
Thickness 0.16 mm
Color Blue
Brand Jindal
Overall Width 750 mm
Material Grade AZ70
Surface Treatment Color Coated


Thickness 0.16 mm to 1 mm
Width 750 mm to 1450 mm
Base Substance Galanized steel, Aluzinc Coated steel, SS, Aluminium
Primer 3-10 micron top, 3-10 micron back side
Top Coat 5 micron – 25 micron
Back Coat 5-10 micron