The top PPGI Coils Supplier in India is Bhagwati Steel Building. PPGI, which stands for pre-painted galvanized iron, is also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, and colour coated steel. The process of constantly hot dipping coated steel to create zinc with a purity greater than 99% results in galvanised iron. The basic steel is catholic and the barrier is protected by the galvanised coating. Galvanized iron is painted before being formed into PPGI because it considerably slows down zinc corrosion. For structures intended to last a long time in harmful environments, such a corrosion prevention technology makes PPGI appealing.

Bhagwati Steel Building uses PPGI coils formed from hot-dip galvanised steel coils as the substrate. PPGI is made by first undergoing surface pre-treatment, followed by the coating of one or more layers of liquid coating by roll coating, baking, and chilling. Polyester, silicon-modified polyester, silicon-modified polyester, high durability, corrosion-resistance, and formability are all characteristics of the coating utilised.

A cutting-edge 0.3 MTPA plant is where you can buy color-coated steel building sheets from Bhagwati Steel Building. We provide top-notch color-coated sheets that enhance the aesthetic appeal of steel’s strength. Pre-painted galvanised sheets (PPGI) have been widely employed on a variety of renowned projects all over the world. Common uses come from the building, white goods, and auto industries.

PPGI Coils come in a wide variety of appealing and cutting-edge colours and finishes. Bhagwati Steel Building Products manufactures PPGI Coils of Imported Make.


  • Excellent formability and design flexibility
  • High Strength; Excellent Sturdiness
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Resistance to Peeling and Flaking
  • Aesthetically Appealing


  • Building,
  • Transportation
  • White Goods like refrigerators
  • air conditioner covers
  • and washing machines
  • Industrial Roofing and Cladding
  • Solar power and furniture